A Whole Day of Shoes!

A Whole Day of Shoes!

A whole day’s worth of shoes! A day at the office could be a fun pair or a dull pair (depending on the day of the week, of course) so I chose a neutral beige pair that can go with tons of outfits. Finally get home and realize you forgot to pick up the ingredients for that awesome dinner you planned on making? throw on pair of boots that have a cute heel but are easy to walk in! Or maybe you’re going out on the town for dinner? The sparkly heels give your feet a little flare! So you squeeze in an hour at the gym just before you leave and wear a cute pair of running shoes. And at the night’s end, you snuggle up in your warm slippers for a relaxing book and some me time. It’s crazy how many shoes we can go through in just a day! Beige heels, $29 uliana; boots, rue21.com; slippers, $100 uggaustralia.com; running shoes, $85 adidas; sparkle heels, christian louboutin


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