Almost Spring

almost spring

Tomorrow is March! Those three words are the best three words I’ve heard all day! I am not a fan of winter, and knowing that tomorrow is spring puts such a smile on my face. Although it’s a little too early for an outfit like this, I just couldn’t help but put something like this together. Bright colors are a must during the warmer months, and pink shorts like these make a statement. A white shirt is simple and sheer for spring and summer, but the boldness comes back with the turquoise shoes. Turquoise and pink happens to be my favorite color combination; the two colors are so compatible and so fun! Keep the rest of the outfit light with a small brown bag that carries just the essentials. A springtime tone on your nails will finish it off just right. Now if only it would get a little warmer! Shirt, $49, wallis fashion; shorts $288, j brand; shoes $288, k jacques buffon; bag $775, chloe marcie; sunglasses $395, gucci; nail polish $18, Laura Mercier


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