Homemade eggrolls!


I tried making these for the first time the other day, and they were incredible (pardon the burned edges, I left them in a tad too long). And it sure does beat the ones from the Chinese place up the street! Well, nutritionally anyway. But really, just buy eggroll wraps and fill them with anything you want! I chose cabbage and bacon with a few spices. Then just roll them up and pop them in the oven, and you’ll have a succulent snack. Feel free to make them as healthy as you want! Or not healthy at all.. The best part is, it’s up to you!


Salad for Lunch


What to eat, what to eat? How about a tasty salad! Salads don’t have to be boring if you just put what you love in them. I’m a huge fan of pasta, but I’ve been trying to get in shape, so a huge bowl of pasta wasn’t what I wanted..why not put some pasta on the salad! You can cook up some whole wheat pasta to make it healthy. I added some grilled chicken (but debated between that and tuna!) and some bacon because its my guilty pleasure..and perfectly fine in moderation I’d like to think. Some mozzarella cheese topped it off perfectly, but feel free to mix it up however you’d like, and bam! A tasty, enjoyable lunch 🙂

Cute Summer Dress



This is an adorable dress for the warm weather that’s coming. It’s tight on the bottom but flows on the top; a perfect combo of comfort. This dress is like a cheers to the warm season and can be worn almost anywhere (beach, out with friends, etc). Cute dresses are all over these days, but this one takes the cake. And the colors it comes in are so cheery! Nothing brightens my mood like a cute, sunny dress! $56, SpoolNo72

Wedding Day Story

Today, my English teacher had some incredibly wise words. We were discussing Song of Solomon when she began talking about her wedding. She looked straight at the girls in the class and said:

“Girls, someday you’re going to get married. It might seem stressful, but always remember one thing: the man at the end of the aisle. Forget about the dress, the extravagance, and all the little things. Just make sure that the person waiting for you is the one. I promise you, everything else will fall into place.”

Now I’m nowhere near ready to get married, but when I do, I will never forget this; it sort of made my day.

Prom 2013


I just bought this gorgeous La Femme dress for my senior prom, and I had to share it! I love the sleek pink with the very elegant beading. It’s the perfect dress for me and I couldn’t be happier! La Femme, $498.

Feel free to share your thoughts about it! Or maybe you’d like to talk about your own prom dress?

Plastic bags protect from rain!


I went to visit my older brother this week, and the weather was definitely not on my side. My boots were not the thing to wear in slushy snow, but they went so well with my outfit! So I got creative and grabbed a couple of shop rite bags and tied them around my feet. I figured I had nothing to lose, right? They worked so well! My boots slid on right over them and my feet were a little chilly, but otherwise it was perfect. Just a little thing for you to try if you’re ever in my situation!

Spring nails!



Just look at these colors! Alright, I’m no expert when it comes to painting my nails (in fact, designs are definitely one of my weaknesses) but who doesn’t love to try new things? These colors looked so adorable together, I couldn’t decide which one i loved the most..so I used them all! And what the heck, why not. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Sometimes, trying something as small as a new nail design is just what you need to add a little more color (especially when you know spring is coming!) into your life. Hope this inspires!

Spring colors


Spring is right around the corner, and my favorite way to express myself is through not only clothes, but also nail polish! Nail polish just another way to let people know your interests. Nail polish can say a lot about a girl, and since spring is my favorite time of year, spring colors are my favorite colors to wear. Essie is an incredibly reliable nail polish brand, and I wouldn’t trust my nails to anything else. However, Essie can get quite expensive after a while, so if you prefer a different brand, go right ahead. Just remember..express yourself! Nail polish is the perfect way to do it. Think spring!

Quick Update

Hello! I apologize for not posting as frequently as I should be; I promise I am incredibly dedicated to baristafashionista and I will be sure to handle anyone’s questions or comments in a timely manner. Things have been hectic, but I’m sure you don’t need to hear about my crazy life! Thanks for being so patient though; it means a lot!

Also, in about a month or so, my posts will become slightly different; I’ll be taking more pictures of myself wearing the outfits rather than the pieces of clothing themselves. New Jersey weather is pretty unpredictable, and it’s tough to show off these great outfits in the winter time!

Thanks for checking in!