Hello! My name is Julia; fashion and writing are what I love. I have started this blog as a way to express myself, and upon reading it, I want you to do the same. Fashion is a way for you to show who you truly are as a person, and being yourself is the most important thing. So why not be yourself through your clothes? I post a couple of times per week or once a week when I am incredibly busy. I use clothes that range from brand-name designers to undiscovered designers, and those designs could be two dollars or two thousand dollars. Either way, I am all about making outfits work and showing the world my creative side; I hope you do the same!


I am just starting out as a fashion blogger, and learning the ropes is tough. I read tons and tons of blogs as a way of receiving both fashion inspiration and blogging tips! WordPress isn’t the only place you can find me though; check out both me and the blog on these websites: twitter.com/baristablogger and juliamullaney.polyvore.com ..be creative, and be yourself!

Questions or Comments? Email me at: agoodgirlsdiary@gmail.com


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