I just bought this gorgeous La Femme dress for my senior prom, and I had to share it! I love the sleek pink with the very elegant beading. It’s the perfect dress for me and I couldn’t be happier! La Femme, $498.

Feel free to share your thoughts about it! Or maybe you’d like to talk about your own prom dress?


I went to visit my older brother this week, and the weather was definitely not on my side. My boots were not the thing to wear in slushy snow, but they went so well with my outfit! So I got creative and grabbed a couple of shop rite bags and tied them around my feet. I figured I had nothing to lose, right? They worked so well! My boots slid on right over them and my feet were a little chilly, but otherwise it was perfect. Just a little thing for you to try if you’re ever in my situation!


Just look at these colors! Alright, I’m no expert when it comes to painting my nails (in fact, designs are definitely one of my weaknesses) but who doesn’t love to try new things? These colors looked so adorable together, I couldn’t decide which one i loved the I used them all! And what the heck, why not. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Sometimes, trying something as small as a new nail design is just what you need to add a little more color (especially when you know spring is coming!) into your life. Hope this inspires!

almost spring

Tomorrow is March! Those three words are the best three words I’ve heard all day! I am not a fan of winter, and knowing that tomorrow is spring puts such a smile on my face. Although it’s a little too early for an outfit like this, I just couldn’t help but put something like this together. Bright colors are a must during the warmer months, and pink shorts like these make a statement. A white shirt is simple and sheer for spring and summer, but the boldness comes back with the turquoise shoes. Turquoise and pink happens to be my favorite color combination; the two colors are so compatible and so fun! Keep the rest of the outfit light with a small brown bag that carries just the essentials. A springtime tone on your nails will finish it off just right. Now if only it would get a little warmer! Shirt, $49, wallis fashion; shorts $288, j brand; shoes $288, k jacques buffon; bag $775, chloe marcie; sunglasses $395, gucci; nail polish $18, Laura Mercier

Bright Weekend

Alright, maybe it’s wishful thinking to post this in the dead of winter, but the shorts and sandals could be perfect if I didn’t live in New Jersey. Anyway, these colors are amazing together, but they’re not so bright that people look away when you walk by. In fact, everyone will be looking right at you when you walk by. The pink and teal/turquoise colors pair together in a very bold and exciting way, and the necklace just adds to the fun. The shoes and earrings remain a neutral gold so as not to make the outfit fall apart with overbearing colors. Really a stunning look.

Blue and Burgundy

You want to go out with your friends, but you’re not sure what to wear. Try this! Two totally different colors put together like this creates something casual yet fabulous. This color combination looks amazing, and the brown accessories and shoes keep the rest of the outfit neutral, so don’t worry about looking like you tried too hard.


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