Spring colors


Spring is right around the corner, and my favorite way to express myself is through not only clothes, but also nail polish! Nail polish just another way to let people know your interests. Nail polish can say a lot about a girl, and since spring is my favorite time of year, spring colors are my favorite colors to wear. Essie is an incredibly reliable nail polish brand, and I wouldn’t trust my nails to anything else. However, Essie can get quite expensive after a while, so if you prefer a different brand, go right ahead. Just remember..express yourself! Nail polish is the perfect way to do it. Think spring!


Quick Update

Hello! I apologize for not posting as frequently as I should be; I promise I am incredibly dedicated to baristafashionista and I will be sure to handle anyone’s questions or comments in a timely manner. Things have been hectic, but I’m sure you don’t need to hear about my crazy life! Thanks for being so patient though; it means a lot!

Also, in about a month or so, my posts will become slightly different; I’ll be taking more pictures of myself wearing the outfits rather than the pieces of clothing themselves. New Jersey weather is pretty unpredictable, and it’s tough to show off these great outfits in the winter time!

Thanks for checking in!

Almost Spring

almost spring

Tomorrow is March! Those three words are the best three words I’ve heard all day! I am not a fan of winter, and knowing that tomorrow is spring puts such a smile on my face. Although it’s a little too early for an outfit like this, I just couldn’t help but put something like this together. Bright colors are a must during the warmer months, and pink shorts like these make a statement. A white shirt is simple and sheer for spring and summer, but the boldness comes back with the turquoise shoes. Turquoise and pink happens to be my favorite color combination; the two colors are so compatible and so fun! Keep the rest of the outfit light with a small brown bag that carries just the essentials. A springtime tone on your nails will finish it off just right. Now if only it would get a little warmer! Shirt, $49, wallis fashion; shorts $288, j brand; shoes $288, k jacques buffon; bag $775, chloe marcie; sunglasses $395, gucci; nail polish $18, Laura Mercier

Wishing for Spring

wishing for spring

Everyone knows that march is next week, and you can’t help but pick out those springtime colors when looking through your closet. Well, try putting a sweater over top of that thin spring shirt! A heavy sweater like this would look adorable over the soft pink. Also, let the sleeves peek through underneath..it creates a super cute look that still keeps you cozy! Sweater $35, newlook.com; shirt $230, day birger et mikkelsen; jeans $228, net-a-porter.com; shoes $839, gisele 80; earrings $635, bluenile.com

Winter Cozy

winter cozy

Winter just never seems to end! Well luckily there are only 11 more days until March! But if you’re still not feeling great during this winter weather, feel free to get cozy. Winter is the best time of year for snuggling up with your man or a good book and just relaxing. And what better way to do that than in yogas and a sweater? The tones in these two create a very wintery look when combined, and I promise you’ll feel super comfy! Sweater $6.18, H&M; yoga pants $20, delia*s; Boots  $62, Ted Baker; scarf $51, Becksondergaard

Valentine’s Day!

valentines day


Ahh yes, love is in the air! And you’re super excited! But don’t know what to wear! Well if he’s taking you out, try wearing a beige dress like this one! It’s elegant, but the color makes it subtle enough to not look too crazy. And the beige shoes to match are killer! And don’t forget that hint of red! It is Valentine’s Day, after all. Try matching your earrings to that silver buckle on the clutch. And trust me,  you’re date will be eager to spend the rest of the night with you! Dress $86, houseoffraser.co.uk; clutch $428, Raoul Red Britt Leather Clutch; earrings $2,170 (woah!), Blue Nile; shoes, Giuseppe Zanotti

Staying in with the girls or in your nice warm PJs? Don’t be upset! There are a million fun things to do with friends on Valentine’s Day! I mean really, who needs men?!